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Ukiyo-E Rickshaw Kart: Mushroom Shogun by Jed Henry

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Ready, set, go! With a bounty of power-ups and the determination to get the gold, the Mushroom Shogun isn't letting anyone overtake him.

Bringing Jed Henry's iconic artwork to life, the piece features an intricate design with detailed paintwork. Racing to win the heart of the beautiful Momo-Hime, the Mushroom Shogun charges full speed ahead, taking out anyone who crosses his path.

Including three interchangeable hands, collectors can transform the look of the piece depending on how you wish to win.

Will the lovers be reunited or will Momo-Hime be at another finish line?

Interchangeable Hands.

Prototype shown, final product may vary.

Product dimension

~5.3” Tall, 8.6” Wide Polystone Art Toy

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The people who made this possible.


Jed Henry


Jed Henry is an illustrator, lifelong gamer, Japanophile, and all-around nerd. He grew up copying art from game manuals, and years later, eventually got a degree in animation. He now works full time on Japanese prints. Jed lived in Tokyo for 2 years, and proudly speaks Japanese at about a 4-year-old level. Jed divides his time between drawing, his family, and scheming how to move back to Japan.