Skull Bomb (Warthog Shark)

100.00 USD


The distinguished SKULL BOMB by Jason Freeny is back – we present to you this time round, the WARTHOG SHARK edition.

Staying true to its military roots, this new Skull Bomb comes painted in deep rich shades of camouflage. Inspiration was drawn from the history of aerial warfare where camouflage has long served an integral part of combat. In line with an enduring military tradition, it comes emblazoned with a distinctive nose art – an illustrated set of ‘Warthog Shark’ teeth (hence the name) and emphasizes prominence from the uniformity of the military.

The finishing touches on the Warthog Shark edition include red accents and details that reminiscence fighter jets. Accompanied by a flying tiger motif on the side which symbolizes personal strength and courage.

Be on the lookout and win the fight by getting your hands on one of these bad boys when it drops. In addition, you’ll now receive a customised skull bomb with tiger stripes enamel pin with every purchase!

8" (20cm) Hand Painted Polystone Art Collectible
Blister Packed in Printed Ammunition Box
Limited Edition 
In Stock Item


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