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ROBBi DREAM CITY (Piet Mondrian Edition 400%)

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Get ready for the global exclusive debut of ROBBi on Mighty Jaxx! Introducing a new ROBBi DREAM CITY edition, inspired by the unique niche of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. This collectible features a striking red, yellow, and blue abstract composition, creating a stunning stained-glass effect.

But that's not all; the rest of ROBBi's body boasts an iridescent coating that refracts light and shadow in a mesmerizing way. To top it off, Mondrian's signature is printed on ROBBi's space mask!

Available in two sizes, choose between the 400% (27cm) or the exclusive 1000% (70cm), which comes with a 3D Proof of Collection. 

Sale of this item is to: All countries except China.

Learn more about Piet Mondrian the legendary Dutch painter here.

Prototype shown, final product may vary.

400% (27cm) ABS Art Toy
Limited Edition Size of 258
Each piece is uniquely numbered
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ROBBi is an art toy inspired by China's lunar rover "Yutu". He combines the images of Chang'e and Yutu in ancient Chinese legends, with future technology and fantasy—representing the spirit of exploration and innovation. It has collaborated with major brands such as MCM, NBA, Aston Martin Shanghai, and Creed.