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POPek by Whatshisname (Yellow Edition)

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From the moment we laid eyes on this squatting balloon dog, we knew that it was gonna be one of the “killing-est” releases MJ has ever seen. And judging by its excellent track record from previous colourways, POPek has since established itself as an iconic piece in the world of art collectibles, catapulting London-based artist, Whatshisname, to the next level of fame.

Now don’t say we didn’t warn you, this is a limited worldwide release so hurry get this lil’ pooch to brighten up your home this dog year as we heard that yellow is one of the auspicious colours of 2018!
8" (20cm) Vinyl Art Collectible with a little poop
Blister Packed in printed box
Limited Edition of 200

Product Ships in March 2018

The people who made this possible.




Whatshisname (Sebastian Burdon) was born in Eastern Poland in 1982 and is currently based in England, United Kingdom. He first dabbled in digital art at the age of 7 on an Atari 130XE. In 2006, Whatshisname moved to London and started out as an assistant to various well-established British artists.Today, Whatshisname creates art using both digital and traditional mediums, communicating ideas that cannot be expressed through words alone. His works encourage viewers to look at the world and question it in a derisive and unorthodox way. He got the idea for his alias “Whatshisname” through his personal struggle in remembering other artists’ names, and was also inspired by the song "Whatshername" by American punk band Green Day.