Picky Eaters: The Clown by Po Yun Wang

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Introducing Picky Eaters! A new line up from artist Po Yun Wang and Mighty Jaxx.

Kicking the series off with The Clown, instantly recognisable with his thick red afro and yellow jumpsuit. Picky about food, but not so picky about hygiene, The Clown picks his nose with his pinky - the only greens he willingly goes after. What's that behind his back?! Not vegetables that's what.

We're pretty picky with what we eat. It needs to start with "F" and end with a "D"; if it also doesn't have two "O"s in the middle - we don't want it!

Read our artist interview here.

Prototype shown. Final product may vary.

8" Vinyl Art Collectible
Includes 4 Sets Of Interchangeable Hands
Limited Edition
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