Nyan Kashi by Nyammy Treats

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“Nyan” is the Japanese way of saying “Meow”! Catwalk into the world of Nyammy Treats and befriend adorable kitties fused with your favorite treats.

Meet Nyan Kashi, a genki family of kitties who became what they last ate. Having gone to a matsuri and stuffed their faces with yummy snacks, the Nyan Kashi kitties’ love for okashi reached a point of no return and they turned into sweets themselves! While trying to have a good time at the festival, the Nyan Kashi kitties have another mission now – to avoid getting eaten!

They say life is a box of Nyan Kashi, you never know what you'll get. Bring joy to your world with cute kitties and yummy snacks with Nyan Kashi by Nyammy Treats today!

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 2"-2.5" Vinyl + PVC Art Toy
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