Neun Schwanz Fuchs by Touma AKA Toumart Inc.

99.00 USD


This elusive beast is said to be a mystical creature which possesses transcendental powers. Its origins can be traced back to ancient China and subsequently, Japan and Korea.

Albeit its menacing look, the Neun Schwanz Fuchs is envisaged to be a bringer of auspiciousness, protection and peace. Attached to its back is a traditional Japanese braid, also known as “kumihimo”. Despite its simplicity, each cord of the braid is imbued with meaning and symbolizes the links of positive character and strong interpersonal ties.

Get your very own nine-tailed collectible, designed to keep the good in your life whilst banishing the bad.

8.5" (21.5cm) Vinyl Art Toy
Edition of 200

*Prototype shown, final product may differ