NBA 2023: Dennis Rodman (AllStars Edition)

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The Worm: Defence Wins Championships

Legends to life, The Answer and The Worm take it across the court to Mighty Jaxx! These captivating collectibles bring the electrifying essence of two NBA legends, showcasing their unparalleled skills and indomitable spirit on the hardwood.

These new collectibles meticulously recreate their retired jerseys, faithfully mimicking the look of the material. Additionally, each basketball in their hands bears their digital player signature, providing the perfect finishing touch to this tribute piece.

Dennis Rodman embodies the grit and determination that define NBA greatness. Renowned as one of the most skilled rebounders of all time, Rodman fearlessly embraced the dirty work required for success. His enigmatic personality has also transformed him into a global celebrity icon. Wearing a Pistons Jersey, this collectible is a tribute to his Bad Boy Pistons days, a team known for their unyielding defense and physical play.

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8” Tall Vinyl Toy

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Limited Edition


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This product only ships to selected territories only. Please refer to the list in the description.
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