Monolith Chronicles: Acheron by Godmachine

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Behold, the very first of its species, Monolith Chronicles: Acheron by Godmachine has emerged from the rivers of the underworld. Monolith Chronicles is an original series, created by Godmachine and Mighty Jaxx, in a bid to bring Godmachine’s eerily elegant creations to life.

From the gates of hell deep under, Monolith Chronicles: Acheron emerges as the first in its line, styled in Godmachine’s badass aesthetic. Acheron, the god of the underworld river, rests atop the erected monolith, an ancient towering structure that plays as a nexus between the mortal world and the afterlife. Engraved with intricate details of dark symbolism, Godmachine aims to evoke a sense of otherworldly power with this rendition, with more malevolent beings to emerge in the future.

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10.5" Tall Polystone Art Toy

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Based out of Wales UK, Godmachine is an elite artist in a class of his own. His artworks often explore themes of mortality, mythology, and the supernatural, done with a touch of his ghoulish elegance. This unique approach has garnered a cult following, resonating with those who appreciate the allure of the macabre.Largely inspired by legendary skateboard artist, Jim Philips, and British comic book artist, Simon Bisley, Godmachine’s work has graced a multitude of mediums, from skateboard graphics to album covers and more. His knack of delivering the finest gore and dreamy terror for the best of them out there is simply unmatched.