Kwistal: My Little Pony Gala Series

Tray of 6
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Join Equestria's biggest party, the illustrious Grand Galloping Gala, through this mesmerizing Kwistal Fwenz series! This collection showcases six magnificent ponies, each dressed in their most exquisite attire, with the enchantment of their magic brought to life in Kwistal form. Each collectible also features the cutie marks of each respective pony, adding a touch of charm to them.

The chaser of this series is the magnificent Rarity, Magic Night Edition. Dressed in a deep purple dress with hints of a rainbow decorating the base, Rarity's elegance and beauty truly shine, making her the crowning jewel!

A sparkling homage to the 'Best Night Ever'. Read more here.

No repeats in Tray of 6, rare character not guaranteed. Single-box purchases are random.

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~4” PVC/ABS Blind Box

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