Kwistal Fwenz My Little Pony Series 01

Single Box
Box Set of 6
12.99 USD


Come meet your favorite My Little Pony characters in a new blind box collection - the Kwistal Fwenz! Designed to mimic the look of precious crystals, feel the magic of the My Little Pony come alive with the Kwistal Fwenz. Featuring 6 regular characters, 1 rare, will you unlock magic and collect them all?

Bring home Kwistal Fwenz: My Little Pony and experience endless magical fun with your new best fwenz! 

Purchase a Case of 6 to get all 6 regular characters, or if you're lucky, 5 regular characters and the coveted rare piece.

LICENSED TO / MANUFACTURED BY: Mighty Jaxx International Pte Ltd

Prototype shown, final product may vary.

~4" (10cm) Vinyl Art Toy (Blind box)
Powered by Forreal
Each piece Individually packed in printed box
Single-box purchases are random
6 Different Characters In Every Tray