Kitsune Mask by Jor Ros

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The Kitsune have a very rich and complicated role in Japanese culture. Often depicted as cunning shape shifters who grow with wisdom and power as they age, the Kitsune have a magical aura that persists to this day.

It is believed that the Kitsune are incredibly magical creatures whose powers are limited only by their imagination. Shape shifting and changing the world around them, the Kitsune are masters of the art of illusion.

Fascinated by masks, Jor Ros implements them into his art whenever possible. Drawing inspiration from Japanese fox masks, Jor Ros adds his own spin to it with Kitsune Mask.

Honour the legendary creature with the Kitsune Mask and give your collection a mystical flair with this eye grabbing piece!

Vinyl Mask, Polystone Base can be used as a Table Mount or Wall Mount

Prototype shown and pending final approval, final product may differ.

Product dimension

11" (with Base) Art Collectible Toy

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Limited Edition


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Jor Ros


Jor once made the best sandwich in the world. He then moved on to create the best taco in the world. All that success and triumph in the span of a week.His spirit animal is a robotic dinosaur and he often is tricked by his own brain into thinking he has solved the meaning of life. He has indeed NOT.He currently lives in Barcelona, where he tries not to google himself too often.Jor is also an illustrator focused on Pop culture, fashion, streetwear and music, developing concepts for different brands all across the world.