Keep Me In Your Heart by Matt Bailey (Spectre Edition)

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Dead in the day, alive by night, only she has the power to wake him up. She calls out longingly to him once again, always unfazed by the drastic change in his appearance upon each return. She takes her place and joins him, taking a puff and reminiscing all the good things and the good things only.

"Keep me in your heart" she says, "for I am yours always."

Like the fuel that keeps that flame burning eternally, her memories of them keeps her going.

Keep Me in Your Heart by Matt Bailey (Spectre Edition) is an all-black polystone art collectible that features subtle material play. Contrasting the translucent black skeleton with the matte black female form and high gloss accents, this phantasmal piece is a timeless work of art.

Prototype shown, final product may vary.

8" Polystone Art Collectible
Limited Edition
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