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It's Lonely At The Top by Bu2ma

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“It's Lonely At The Top" is based on an illustration that Beijing artist Bu2ma created in 2020, with an addition of a little tiger for company; It’s not nice to be too lonely, is it? Fat tiger Alexander climbed the mountain with excitement but then found out he had trouble with heading back down due to his weight. So he stretched and put on a poker face to cover up his embarrassment.

Bu2ma broke the internet with his oriental-style cute animal illustrations (especially cats). His comics of Alexander the rotund tiger and the little tiger are also widely loved and shared on the internet. We are proud to present “It’s Lonely At The Top” by Bu2ma, which features fur-like texture, hand-painted details, and beautiful color gradients to perfectly capture Bu2ma’s illustration as a premium polystone art toy.

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7" Big Tiger & ~2" Little Tiger
Premium Polystone Art Toy 
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Artist. Illustrator

Bu2ma is an artist from Beijing who is known for his adorable animal designs in 2D and 3D. His artwork features child-like humor and imagination, bringing joy and comfort to his audiences. Bu2ma’s comics, illustrations, and toy figurines are loved by millions of fans around the world.