I Donut Care (Radioactive Glow) by Abell Octovan

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Sink your teeth into the all new I Donut Care (Radioactive Glow)! Flip off the naysayers with a special negative glow in this all new, first-of-its-kind colourway!

Watch it glow in a radioactive blue in the dark, but take it a step further with a negative camera. Capture an image of the piece and watch it turn into the original colourway of I Donut Care! The Radioactive Glow colourway is negative version of the original fan favourite piece.

At 8” tall, this vinyl art collectible makes a strong stand that while caring about things is good, being too concerned with too many things will take away the fun in life. Bringing a new level of cool, flip that unapologetic middle finger at all the naysayers of the world! Perfect for anyone who simply ran out of fucks to give.

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8" Tall Vinyl Art Toy

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The people who made this possible.


Abell Octovan

Designer/ Producer

Jakarta, Indonesia based designer and producer Abell Octovan has been creating art toys since 2008.Known for exploring popular culture and mashing up two characters or concepts to create one new one, he began to seriously explore designer & art toys by founding his "My Royal Ego" studio and workshop.Producing resin toys and artwork since 2010, My Royal Ego allows Octovan to design, collaborate, and produce works with many local and international artists.