Join Zero, a young cypherpunk hacker and freedom fighter, as she navigates the intersection of the real and virtual worlds, attempting to create a brighter future with a new set of revolutionary technological discoveries that promise to tilt the balance of power towards a more democratized Internet - Web3.

The Cypherpunk Zero comics and toy are complemented by a collection of 10,000 unique, generative Ethereum NFTs by renowned illustrator Stranger Wolf. The first 200 NFTs of exceptional rarity will be available only with the purchase of the Cypherpunk Zero collectible.

The Cypherpunk Zero Creative Universe is a collaborative effort between Electric Coin Company, Mighty Jaxx and other visionaries, consisting of a forthcoming series of webcomics, NFTs, and physical collectibles.

Price shown is inclusive of Ethereum Gas Fees of $150.

Prototype shown, final product may vary. 

8” Vinyl Art Toy with Mintable NFT
Limited Edition of 200
Removable parts
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