BirdKing: Throne by CROM

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Introducing the majestic BirdKing: Throne, the crowning glory of our exclusive art figurine collection. Crafted with unparalleled detail and inspired by the vivid imagination of renowned comic duo Daniel Freeman and CROM, this remarkable piece takes its seat as the third variant in the celebrated BirdKing series.

Picture the BirdKing in all his regal splendor, perched atop his iconic throne, a visual masterpiece that graced the cover of BIRDKING VOL 1. Every inch of this figurine captures the essence of the comic's brilliance, bringing to life the intricate details that fans have come to adore.

As you gaze upon the BirdKing seated in his majestic pose, you'll appreciate the craftsmanship that went into recreating the awe-inspiring illustration from the hands of Daniel Freeman and the artistic genius of CROM. The throne itself tells a story, adorned with symbols and textures that transport you directly into the gripping world of BIRDKING.

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10" Vinyl Art Toy

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Limited Edition of 300


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CROM is a London-based artist that is both an artist and a tattooist. He is passionate about manga, games, comics, and pop culture, and has two graphic novels currently under his belt, Raiders, and BirdKing.His signature is the skull, which appears in most of his illustrations, taking cues from his interest in necromancy. He also wears a skull mask for many of his interviews—a persona that he has created.