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CRMagic. Adventure. Undead Champions. Necromancers. Artist CROM teams up with writer Daniel Freedman to present an all-new dark fantasy epic—BirdKing! Following the story of Bianca, an arcane blacksmith apprentice, she seeks out fabled grounds of Atlas after being kicked from her homeland. Along the way, she is joined by a mysterious guardian spirit, the BirdKing. Yet, their encounter was no coincidence—their bond goes deeper as she soon discovers.

Mighty Jaxx brings this exciting world to life with Birdking by CROM. The guardian spirit’s skull is encased in transparent blue flames. At the heart lies a precious, glossy red gem that holds a secret. Other notable features include the birds surrounding it, arrows embedded in his armor, and the blade in his hands—all carefully crafted with intricate detailing.

This premium collectible is wrapped in an elaborate blister packaging—a homage to vintage comic book action figures. Gold foil accents have also been added to make the design pop. Tying everything together is the bright color scheme, replicating the original source material.

The undead, necromancer and more. Read about it here.

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10" Vinyl Art Toy

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CROM is a London-based artist that is both an artist and a tattooist. He is passionate about manga, games, comics, and pop culture, and has two graphic novels currently under his belt, Raiders, and BirdKing.His signature is the skull, which appears in most of his illustrations, taking cues from his interest in necromancy. He also wears a skull mask for many of his interviews—a persona that he has created.