29 SEP 2021

Your Best Look At The First Dissected Tom And Jerry Collectible



Fans of Tom And Jerry you’re gonna love this! For the first time ever, the legendary frenemies collide with the world of XXRAY with the upcoming release of the XXRAY Plus Tom And Jerry (Shadow Edition).

The Iconic Rivalry

Tom And Jerry were created by Hanna-Barbera in the 1940s and has proven timeless, finding new fans every generation. From animated shorts to television, films, and even memes - Tom And Jerry’s legendary game of cat-and-mouse has become a staple of our pop culture landscape.

Whether it’s a Tom And Jerry chase from way back or from the 2021 Tom and Jerry film, chases like the compilation above have put smiles across children and adults across the world.

Inspired By The Tom And Jerry Show

Tom And Jerry Show Title Sequence Screengrab

Inspired by a shot in the title sequence of the Tom And Jerry Show, the XXRAY Plus Tom And Jerry (Shadow Edition) immortalizes their rivalry in the first-ever dissected bust.

Tom’s backlit figure towers over little Jerry with his claws out. The predominantly black collectible is contrasted with their white dissection for an unmistakable look. Tom’s back is in his iconic grey as if lit up by a light source behind him.

XXRAY Plus Tom And Jerry (Shadow Edition)
The sculpt of the XXRAY Plus Tom And Jerry (Shadow Edition) captures the harrowing moment Tom gains the upper hand over Jerry, from his menacing expression to Jerry’s frightened posture. But fret not! Time and time again, Jerry proves elusive and leads us into another whirlwind Tom and Jerry chase!

A Closer Look At The Details

XXRAY Plus Tom And Jerry (Shadow Edition) is dissected by Jason Freeny, who is widely known for his intricate dissection treatment of our favorite characters. Take a closer look at the 8” vinyl bust!

XXRAY Plus Tom And Jerry (Shadow Edition) Feature Image: Tom

The white-out dissection creates a beautiful contrast against the black of the figure.

XXRAY Plus Tom And Jerry (Shadow Edition) Feature Image: Jerry

Detailed anatomy for both Tom and Jerry, dissected by Jason Freeny.

XXRAY Plus Tom And Jerry (Shadow Edition) Feature Image: Top View

Tom’s figure casts a shadow over Jerry. Doubles as the base of the bust.

Coming Soon On October 2, Set Your Reminders Now

Tom And Jerry fans, don’t miss your chance to collect the first-ever dissected Tom and Jerry collectible! The XXRAY Plus Tom And Jerry (Shadow Edition) will be available to order from October 2, 9 am ET. Set your reminders here!

XXRAY Plus Tom And Jerry (Shadow Edition) Release Banner

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*Due to licensing agreements, the sale of this figure is limited to the following territories only: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong & The Philippines. We know how disappointing these territory restrictions can be and we're working hard to bring these officially licensed figures to more markets soon.