17 APR 2020

XXRAY Plus Oscar The Grouch: What’s in the Trashcan?



As you know, we released the adorable XXRAY Plus Oscar The Grouch last month. Together, we've revisited our favourite Oscar The Grouch moments (Nicole Kidman makes an appearance!) and today we'll do some dumpster diving!

Look at that gorgeous production sample! XXRAY Plus Oscar The Grouch isn't dissected only to reveal his anatomy, but also what's hidden in his bin. We've always found ourselves wondering what's in there, and dissecting Oscar gave the chance! Let's check it out!

Figuring out what was in Oscar's trash can wasn't too difficult a task after all. The clues were all on Sesame Street! Looking to his interactions with the other Muppets and keeping a keen eye on that he takes out from the bin, our concept artist Min Ru unraveled the secrets within.

The biggest give away was in Oscar's iconic song - I Love Trash. He goes through one by one what he keeps with him, from trombones to clocks, and even a broken umbrella. As Oscar sings - anything dirty or dingy, or dusty - he loves trash!

Then came the task of incorporating these treasures into the design. What started out as very full trash bin with a vast array of items had to be streamlined to a few iconic pieces. Oscar's I Love Trash song once again came in handy as Min Ru narrowed down the choices.

Check out some of the concept art that went into developing the XXRAY Plus Oscar The Grouch:

Dissected art figures are a calling card for Mighty Jaxx at this point. Working closely with Jason Freeny, we've brought his iconic dissection style to a variety of characters and designs. Jason creates smart, intricate works that tickle the deviant intellect through a mix of hard graphics, detailed anatomy, pop iconography and wit.

Be sure to check out our concept video on the XXRAY Plus Oscar The Grouch:

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