10 MAR 2021

Who's the goodest boy?


Shine bright like a what? Diamonds ain't got nothing on this pup!

Introducing the newest colourway of Whatshisname and Jason Freeny’s powerhouse collaboration – the Dissected POPek (Space Grey Edition)! Classy meets cheeky in this beautiful new colorway, with a metallic finish that adds a futuristic flair to any collection. This boy is not just the goodest boy, he and his poopoo are also lookin’ pretty lux! Complete with the signature dissection style of Jason Freeny, this stellar doggo is not one to be missed!
Come and take a closer look! 

Shiny sharp teeth, all the better to chomp down his food!

Be dazzled by his flashy anatomy!

Dissected POPek by Whatshisname and Jason Freeny (Space Grey Edition)
launches on Saturday, 13 March, 9am EST

8” vinyl art toy // $159 with free shipping