6 APR 2023

Who is Fansack? An artist introduction.



Prepare for takeoff in this collectible from renowned Chinese street artist, Fansack. Traveller shares the story of humanity’s innate curiosity, a thirst to explore the unknown—the depths of space itself. 

Featuring Fansack’s favorite character, a monkey, the artist has specially crafted this collectible to be an incense chamber. When an incense stick is lit, the smoke wafts around the piece, inspiring the image of a space landing. As the Traveller touches down on unknown ground, a whole new world of opportunities await.

Fansack has been living for more than ten years between Paris and his hometown of Sichuan, Chengdu, building an international reputation for his intricate, thought-provoking pieces. Read on to explore the themes and influences in his work.

The intricate red motifs on the Traveller’s mask are inspired by oriental aesthetics.

East meets West

As teenagers, Fansack and his friends went around spraying tags across Chengdu. In 2008, Fansack had the opportunity to study in France, and so he went.

Today, he has established his reputation as an artist on an international level. His work often fuses concepts from his Chinese heritage with the French spirit of freedom, touching on sensitive subjects such as politics, religion, and philosophy. 

Fansack’s Triple Threat

Three themes and subjects are commonly found in Fansack’s work: Monkeys, who symbolize evolution, prominent religious and/or political people, and science.

He uses a combination of them together with ethereal, abstract imagery to convey an out-of-this-world feeling within his art. Yet, they still have a strong angle centered around real-world issues and topics

Traveller takes elements from Fansack’s famous mural, Astromantic


Reaching for the Stars

One of his best-known works, “Astromantic”, depicts a purple-hued astronaut floating around in space. The astronaut represents the apex of science and technology—highlighting human’s desire to explore the unknown.

He also treats the rapid changes astronauts undergo as they leave the planet, both internally and externally, as a metaphor for the practice of being, a process that evokes our deepest thoughts and feelings. 

These are some insights into the way he approaches art, giving a better base when understanding the concept behind this incense chamber. 

9.8” Porcelain Incense Chamber
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