18 AUG 2023

White and its Derivatives: Breakout (Frost Edition) by Matt Bailey



Take a look at Matt Bailey's Breakout in an all-new colorway. Cold as frost, the lady in the collectible reminisce the days of old with a lover that once was. Separating herself from him, it feels like her body is tearing itself apart. This is Breakout, frost edition.

SIZE: 8"

Flesh tears away, revealing her skeleton underneath. Her skeleton is sculpted from resin, giving this piece a high contrast between the different layers. Now in white, the collectible gives off a different energy from its predecessors.

Color Theory

Colors play a big role in our life—apart from helping us differentiate things we see, the colors give off different energy and make us experience different emotions.

Color theory itself is the science and art of using color to communicate, and not just single colors, but multiple colors together too.

Why White

White represents purity, simplicity, and cleanliness. Yet the color is also sterile which can make its subject seem distant of sorts. 

The lady in Matt Bailey's Breakout is the perfect subject to be clad in white. The purity of her emotions, the coldness she feels as a husk of herself, and the vast emptiness within herself.

Shades, Hues, and Contrast

Variations in color can be used to draw attention to certain subjects. For Breakout, it’s the vast distinction between skeleton and flesh.

The contrast in transparency serves to accentuate this contrast while adding a deeper layer of detail to this collectible. As a monotone piece, the contours of the lady are highlighted by the shadows cast, giving it an elegant look.


Pre-orders for this collectible are opening on 19 August. Deposit scheme available—pay 25% upfront and the rest when it’s ready to ship.