13 FEB 2020

What's In A Balloon Dog? Looking Into Dissected POPek



2 years ago, we brought Whatshisname and Jason Freeny together for a collaboration. In what became 2018 Black Friday's release, Dissected POPek made its debut to the world for the first time!

Revealing for the first time ever what's inside these balloon dogs, we bet no one expected bones to be the answer! But yet here we are, these balloon dogs have bones, intestines, stomachs, and the whole she-bang. It's a living creature!

Combining Whatshisname's POPek with Jason Freeny's iconic dissection style, Dissected POPek was born! The dissected vinyl art figure made its debut in the classic red colourway that POPeks are most known for. A special pink variant was released for Jason Freeny Expo, and now Dissected POPek is available in yellow!

Curiously, the POPeks have a similar anatomy to Jason Freeny's Balloon Dog. Let's take a look at POPek's anatomy, and we'll find out a bit more about the iconic POPIKI balloon dog!

The skeleton is essential to any anatomy. It protects the organs from any sort of trauma, acting like the body's armour - sorta. Check out the detailed skeletal structure in Dissected POPek in the images. 

The finely detailed vertebrae gives POPek his iconic hunched body as he forces out that little poop; while his ribs give his tubed shaped body some structure.

A pretty interesting aspect of POPek's anatomy is that his ears and snout form one big skull. Check out the detail there, we did not expect POPek to have such sharp teeth! *Pigpek sweats nervously*

Unlike its red and pink counterparts, the yellow Dissected POPek's organs aren't multi coloured. In fact, they're a single shade of pale yellow. Why this is so, no one can say for sure. 

Our balloon dog experts here at Mighty Jaxx speculate that the yellow Dissected POPek's diet might be different from the red and pink, who are regularly seen feasting on balloon meat. Maybe the yellow Dissected POPek is vegan? *shrug*

Much has been revealed about POPek's anatomy but what's in the little balloon poop bag remains a mystery. Is it filled with glitter? Another turd? A bird? 

Until Whatshisname and Jason Freeny decides to let us in on this little secret, guess we'll never really know. What do you think is in there?

What we do know is that Dissected POPek (Yellow Edition) by Whatshisname and Jason Freeny made it's debut at I.T. Orange Fest in Hong Kong and will be available this weekend on 15 Feb at 9am ET on mightyjaxx.com!

Get it for $159 with free shipping worldwide, Dissected POPek (Yellow Edition) is available in-stock. 

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