22 MAR 2021

VIP-Exclusive Picky Eaters: The Trickster



VIP-Exclusive Picky Eaters: The Trickster

HA-HA-HA! Fry so serious!?

The Trickster loves to pull pranks on people who take their food too seriously. Why eat vegetables when you can have booger – they're all green anyway! Why shop for organic ingredients when you can produce them yourself? But that doesn't mean that The Trickster isn't picky about his food, of course he is. His food has to be up to no good, just like him!

Watch what goes into your dishes, 'cos The Trickster is coming your way! Joining the Picky Eaters series is this villain in green, and like all villains, he's hard to catch. Exclusive to VIPs ranked Navigator, Quartermaster and Captain, this vinyl collectible designed by Po Yun Wang will only be available on Wednesday, 31st Mar, 9am EST, for 24 hours only.

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The Trickster by Po Yun Wang
Releases 31st Mar, 9am EST, 24-hour time-limited edition
$XXX/ XXX"/ Free shipping worldwide


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