8 FEB 2022

Valentine’s Moods feat. Our Favorite Collectibles



Valentine’s day is just around the corner! New year, same Valentine’s pains - featuring some of our favorite collectibles. Spread some Valentine's Day cheer, download or screenshot them and send them along to your special someone.

Brook Meme

Ah Valentine’s Day, the day of professing your love for your special someone. Nothing says “I love you” like belting out We Belong Together in a packed restaurant. Put on a show like Brook, make the other couples jealous and make the singles long for what you have.

Grumpy Bear Meme

Ever go out with someone for a couple of dates and they whisper the sweetest of words into your ear every time? They hold doors open for you, grab your hand, and tell you that they’ve never had as enjoyable a time with anyone as they have with you. When you ask how, or why, and all they can offer is that “you’re just different”. Oh the sweet nothings.

Art of Picking: Mona Lisa Meme

Put on your best outfit for your Valentine’s date? Snap a selfie and send it to your partner but make it cheeky like The Art of Picking: Mona Lisa here. A couple that laughs together, stays together.

Miaou Croissant Meme

Is this your first Valentine’s day ever? We know how stressful and nervous it can be - should you hold their hands? Would they expect a kiss? Do you split the bill? Will things go all the way? So many questions, so many emotions, so little time to process! You might find yourself blanking out like Miaou Croissant here but our advice? Just take things as they come and don’t do anything you wouldn’t be comfortable with.

Monster Point Meme

It’s the Valentine’s Day movie trope! Crowded restaurants, long queues, unhelpful wait stuff, and impatient couples. A reservation doesn’t always help with rushing things along and you’re like to get hangry like Monster Point! Grab a little snack before you head out, a couple of dried fruits can’t hurt.

It's Lonely At The Top Bu2ma Meme

Sometimes when you’ve been together for a long time things can start to get comfortable. They used to always be early, then they started being a little late, and now you find yourself waiting for 30 minutes on Valentine’s for them to get to you. Doesn’t mean they love you any less though!

Snake Eyes Meme

14 Feb? Valentine’s day? It’s just another day when you’re single! While everyone’s out jostling for a table, tryna outdo themselves with their proclamations of love, we’ll be at home all cozied up and indulging in a little self care just like OFF_WERK G.I. Joe Snake Eyes.

Happy Valentine's Day Humpek Banner

Spread some Valentine's Day cheer when you download or screenshot these Valentines memes and send them along to your special someone and friends! Looking for a gift that’s a little more unique than roses?

Click on the images above to order these fun collectibles to gift your special someone or for your own collection today.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: Care Bears

Care Bears

Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: Care Bears

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XXRAY Plus Monster Point

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