12 APR 2023

Understanding Nami based on her Blood Type: CosmiQ x One Piece



Luffy, Zoro, and now, Nami have left their pirate days behind and joined our world as regular humans in the CosmiQ x One Piece series! Each character's clothing and appearance have been carefully curated to best reflect their personalities while leaving enough room for creative interpretation.

Layering a trendy puffer jacket on top of a crop top and putting on a pair of slit-flared track pants, the Straw Hat’s navigator exudes confidence, beauty, and grace all at the same time. Her ribbon headband is the cherry on top, reminding us that she has a cute side too!

The Blood Type Theory
Ketsueki-gata is a pseudoscientific Japanese belief that a person’s blood type shapes their temperament. As such, this detail is often included in many fictional characters’ descriptions from Japanese media—for example, Princess Peach is a blood type O.

One Piece author, Eiichiro Oda has created a new blood type system for his world. However, each classification has a real-world counterpart. Nami is a type X, which corresponds to a blood type A.

Blood Type A: Kichōmen
According to the theory, Type A people are described as “Kichōmen” or well-organized. They are earnest, neat, and responsible—perfectly aligned with Nami’s role as the Straw Hat’s navigator.

Precision is the name of the game for her; make a degree-off mistake and the ship will end up lost, in the middle of nowhere.

On the Flipside
Blood Type A’s are also known as stubborn, anxious, and easily hurt. Nami has shown these traits throughout the series—she often tries to stay out of harm’s way when faced with danger (though she has broken this rule when her friends are involved).

She has also been stubborn throughout the series, often bossing people around and even arguing with her captain at times.

While this gives up an interesting glimpse into Nami’s personality, it is not the be-all and end-all. Her personality can be best seen in her thoughts and actions throughout the series—ever-evolving as she matures as a character.

The CosmiQ x One Piece aims to capture the essence of each Straw Hat member and capture them in their appearance, poses, and fashion.

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