6 JUL 2021

Ukiyo-E Rickshaw Kart: Turtle Daimao - Player 2 Has Entered The Race



In December 2020, Mushroom Shogun was unleashed, kick-starting a race known as Ukiyo-e Rickshaw Kart. Racing to reunite with the beautiful Momo-Hime, Mushroom Shogun used his bevy of power-ups to win the race.

Turtle Daimao and Mushroom Shogun

A challenger appears! In Level 2, Turtle Daimao will race against Mushroom Shogun for Kame-Hime, sister of Momo-Hime and the most beautiful princess of the land. Will Mushroom Shogun get to Kame-Hime first, or will Turtle Daimao beat him and kidnap the princess?


Turtle Daimao is one of Mushroom Shogun’s biggest challengers. His mission is to kidnap the princesses of the land and bring about instability. Mushroom Shogun might have won the hand of Momo-Hime, and knowing how close Momo-Hime is to her sisters, Turtle Daimao will not let his life be an easy one.

Turtle Daimao by Jed Henry


Turtle Daimao is 5.8” tall and 8.6” wide. His figure might be imposing but Mushroom Shogun is of the same stature. Neither gets a leg up over the other in terms of sheer physical size. Turtle Daimao’s kart is pulled by his side-kick KT, a tortoise with incredible speed.


Turtle Daimao’s arms have a throwing power level of 9. He can swing his power-ups as far as 40m away, ensuring he never misses his target as far back as they might be. He cleverly uses this strength to keep opponents from catching up with him, protecting his lead. 

Turtle Daimao by Jed Henry

His sharp claws are occasionally used to scratch at opponents when the race isn’t going his way. Turtle Daimao can also bounce his shell onto the track, causing severe damage to any opponent that gets hit. His horns and teeth are not used for attacks, only to intimidate,


Turtle Daimao comes with 3 power-ups to help defeat his opponents. 

Turtle Daimao Power-Up: Cephalopod Sneeze


Using ink from a Squid, Turtle Daimao aims for the faces of his opponents obscuring their view of the track.

Damage: +5

Turtle Daimao Power-Up: Red Carapace


Using the shell of his former kart puller, Turtle Daimao aims for his opponents and swings the shell with force knocking them off their karts.

Damage: +8

Turtle Daimao Power-Up: ZHÀDÀN


When timed perfectly, Turtle Daimao effectively uses Zhàdàn to blast his opponents off the track and into a burning woodpile.

Damage: +10

Turtle Daimao and Mushroom Shogun


Only 500 players will get to race as Turtle Daimao. Turtle Daimao is packed with useful skills and power-ups to challenge even the most fearsome opponent. Whether you use his claws to attack or one of his power-ups, Turtle Daimao will make your Ukiyo-e Rickshaw Kart race an explosive one.

Race as Turtle Daimao on 10 July, 9 am EST.

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Ukiyo-e Rickshaw Kart: Turtle Daimao by Jed Henry is available from 10 July, 9 am EST. Be one of only 500 to own this exclusive piece. Enjoy free shipping with every order of Turtle Daimao.

Prove how fast you are by being among the first 64 orders of Turtle Daimao - the first 64 orders will receive a 4” Kame-Hime companion piece.


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Ukiyo-E Rickshaw Kart: Turtle Daimao by Jed Henry

Jed Henry

Ukiyo-E Rickshaw Kart: Turtle Daimao by Jed Henry

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