7 JAN 2022

Tony Tony Chopper! Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: One Piece (Series 3), Coming Soon



One Piece fans, are you ready for a new collection of Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles (FHD)? In November, we’re bringing you the third blind box collection of FHD One Piece collectibles.

Chopper, Chopper, Chopper!

Chopper fans you’re gonna love this, FHD: One Piece (Series 3) puts our favorite reindeer of the Straw Hat Pirates front and center. FHD: One Piece (Series 3) is a collection of Chopper transformation points! Yes, you read that right - every figurine is a different transformation point.

Chopper One Piece Blind Box

With 6 different transformation points to collect, you’ll find favorites like Guard Point, Horn Point, and more. Each Chopper figurine is dissected in Jason Freeny’s iconic dissection style, allowing us a fascinating look at the different transformation points. The collection also includes a rare Winter Walk Point, with a 1/24 chance of being unboxed. This rare piece features a unique translucent finish and is one you’ll definitely want to get.

Mark the Date - 22 January

The new collection of Mighty Jaxx One Piece blind boxes will drop on January 22, 2022. Stay tuned for more release information, closer looks at each Chopper figurine, exciting giveaways, and a Monster-sized special - all revealing soon on the Mighty Jaxx Funboxx Instagram page.