11 AUG 2023

Throwback to Sweet Nostalgia: ROBBi Candy Box



ROBBi makes a return to Mighty Jaxx with a special launch. This edition is a homage to a childhood candy, one that has left an impression on many around the world—Peko!

SIZE: 70cm (1000%) and 27cm (400%)
PRICE: Varies by size

The candy brand’s mascot Peko-Chan is known for her iconic cheeky grin, wearing it front and center on every packaging. Read on to learn more about how her design has influenced this collectible!

A ROBBi Recap

ROBBi is a Chinese collectible trendy art brand that has taken the shelves of collectors everywhere by storm! The original design features a mysterious and futuristic space rabbit inspired by China's lunar rover "Yutu".

These two symbols represent innovation and the spirit of exploration—an apt collaboration for the inventive origins of the candies from Peko.

What is Peko?

Peko is a product of the post-WWII Japanese food crisis and the name itself reflects this—peko peko is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a body makes when it’s starving.

With nutrient-rich dairy products in short supply, Milky by Peko was created as a readily available food. Today, it sparks nostalgia as it reminds people of the joy that they had when trying milk candies for the first time.

Peko-Chan’s Influence

As the mascot found on all Milky product packaging, Peko-Chan has become a highly recognizable icon both in and out of Japan. Her cheeky grin with her tongue out, as well as her ribboned hair, are some of her trademarks.

This ROBBi edition heavily references her outfit—a bright yellow tee, layered with red overalls on the outside. The candies that have made Peko-Chan the sensation she is can also be found within the transparent helmet, peek at it and take a look!

Ready to experience the joys of childhood once again? Pre-order this collectible today! Also available in 400% and 1000% sizes, in extremely limited quantities!

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