14 JUL 2023

This Week’s Artist Spotlight: YARMS (Danil YAD)



YARMS, founded by the talented Danil YAD, has established a strong base of followers for their incredible work. They pay tribute to some of the most legendary, iconic figures and things across industries, from pop culture to fashion. 

The iconic silhouette for the YARMS collection with Mighty Jaxx features these figures holding a specially curated item close to their heart. Here’s a quick overview of the collectibles in this artist spotlight:

Pop Culture Icons

Great scott! Mart McFly and Doc Brown, two pop culture icons from the classic movie Back To The Future 2, receive the YARMS treatment. Each holding a key item from the show in their hands, this set of two is definitely something you don't want to miss if you’re a fan.

If you’d like something more up-to-date, the hit series Umbrella Academy also makes an appearance in the YARMS collection! Join the battle against the apocalypse—Allison, Klaus, and Number 5 will be available in this artist spotlight.

Industry Titans

From fashion to gaming, legends that have established their reputation in their respective fields have received the YARMS treatment. The most recent being Mr Bailey, the famous shoe designer always pushing the limits of his craft—earning him a reputation for innovation. In his hands are two swappable shoeboxes containing his collaborations with Adidas.

Another collectible is Game Designer, the father of stealth games. With his iconic glasses and mustache, he holds his latest creation in his hands—a capsule that acts as an artificial womb that carries a baby in stasis.

Professional Athletes

Whether you love speed or the beautiful game, YARMS has something up his sleeve. With their recent treble, Manchester City has cemented their status as one of the best teams today! Commemorate their achievement with three of their key players—Haaland, Grealish, and De Bruyne—in the style of YARMS.

If you’re a fan of F1, you can also support your favorite teams and drivers and reminisce about the epic 2022 season with the YARMS collection. All 20 drivers are sculpted with meticulous detail, especially when it comes to logo placement!

Flex your fandom with the wide variety of YARMS collectibles available at Mighty Jaxx.