31 MAR 2023

This is no joke, April Fools’ Secret Stash is back!



April Fools’ is just around the corner and we’re giving you a safe haven from all the pranks! Limited quantities of some all-time favorite collectibles are back, no tomfoolery involved! 

All you need to do is sign in or create your Mighty Jaxx account to access the collection. Here’s our top picks from the stash!

Mighty Jaxx Sucker By YeahYeahChloe

Successfully pranked someone this April Fools’? Hit ‘em with the ultimate got ‘em—with love of course. With 4 interchangeable lollipops, you have tons of options to be unapologetic about your jokes!

The Beauty of Rebellion by Abell Octovan

There’s beauty when you get your friends (or frenemies) to fall for your tricks—April Fools’ is a special day for the little rebels in us. This provocative, Greek sculpture-inspired collectible is perfect for the season!


The best defense against April Fools’ pranks? Develop the Patrick mindset. Empty your mind and enter a state of zen—only in this state, will you be unaffected by the rampant tricksters running around.  


These collectibles are only the tip of the iceberg: dive into the full April Fools’ secret stash and fill up your collection with limited edition pieces. To access it, you’ll need to create a free Mighty Jaxx account—here’s how:

STEP 1: Head to the signup page—https://mightyjaxx.com/account/register

STEP 2: Fill up your details and create your account

STEP 3: Confirm your account through email

STEP 4: Enjoy! You’ll be automatically enrolled in the Mighty Assembly VIP program in the “Apprentice” rank

On top of giving you admission to special events like this secret stash, having an account will also allow you to collect coins, gain early access to new drops, receive exclusive gifts, and more!


(Live from 1 to 3 April)