1 JUL 2017

Third Stage: Is it a dog? Or is it a bird? No…it’s Dogbird!



Is it a dog? Or is it a bird? No…it’s Dogbird

Korean design studio Thirdstage, known for producing quirky characters, has definitely stepped out of the box with their latest creation. Initially released in Korea last year, these well-loved hybrid animals has finally landed on our shores! The name Dogbird is actually a word play based on a Korean swear word! Individually, the character 개 and 새 translates to dog and bird respectively. If you know your Korean, you will already know what the characters 개새 (pronounced gae-sae) mean…here’s a clue— SOB. 

This series of Dogbird featuring Pugbird, Retribird, Siberianbird and Pengdog, is bound to add life to any desk or home! Get your hands on these little critters here.