3 JUL 2018

The World of Popiki (Part 1)



Welcome to the World of POPIKI!

Created by artist Whatshisname, this wonderful land filled with playful balloon animals is here to add a POP of color to your life! Without literally popping, you know... like a balloon... 

A little more about the creator behind The World of POPIKI:

Whatshisname (Sebastian Burdon) was born in Eastern Poland in 1982 and is currently based in England, United Kingdom. He first dabbled in digital art at the age of 7 on an Atari 130XE. In 2006, Whatshisname moved to London and started out as an assistant to various well-established British artists.

Today, Whatshisname creates art using both digital and traditional mediums, communicating ideas that cannot be expressed through words alone. His works encourage viewers to look at the world and question it in a derisive and unorthodox way. He got the idea for his alias “Whatshisname” through his personal struggle in remembering other artists’ names, and was also inspired by the song "Whatshername" by American punk band Green Day.

This ever-expanding World of POPIKI currently has a few adorable members, some of whom you might already be familiar with. Let's say hello to these friendly puppies one by one!

paddle pop popek by whatshisname

POPek – the pooping puppy

The first of the pack, the original gangster
Shits anywhere without giving a shit
Amazing quads muscles, able to half-squat for roughly forever-minutes

PEEpek – the peeing doggo

The second one to join the family, naturally
Stands proudly in his own glorious puddle
Heeds nature's call without hesitation

HUMPek – the humping pair

Live life in doggy style
Pros at skirting public indecency and censorship laws
Able to have sexy-time in complete silence

happy popek red by whatshisname

Happy POPek – the playful one

Ready to play any time – the happiest of the lot!
Brings his favourite red ball everywhere 
Nosedives into every fun opportunity that rolls his way

In love with these doggos yet? Who is YOUR favourite?

Now, we have exciting news! This July, Mighty Jaxx is having a mighty line-up of events on sunny island Singapore, to celebrate this lovable family of rubber-puppers. Insider news for you – we are supersizing 4 POPIKI balloon dogs to be placed at a popular shopping mall/ cinema in Singapore. And we mean SUPERSIZE!!

Here's a sneak-peek of one of our giant POPIKI pups in the making...

giant popiki sneakpeek factory photo

More events, giveaways and products will be coming up for The World of POPIKI so stay tuned to our social media channels such as Instagram (@mightyjaxx) as well as Facebook to follow these puppy paw prints around town!