18 SEP 2020

The Nyan Sum Co-meow-nity



The Nyan Sums have been around for a bit, these cute little dim sum cat hybrids have been melting hearts and winning love all over the world! With their cheeky adventures, and adorable demeanor, can't say we don't understand. Have yet to meet the Nyan Sums? Get to them a little bit more HERE.

As the Nyan Sums have made their way into the homes of people all over the world, a burgeoning co-meow-nity has been formed! We love seeing the photos, and even videos you guys share of your Nyan Sums. It brings us great joy to see them in their new forever homes, and to know that you're all as head over heels in love with them as we are!

So in this week's blog post, we are highlighting you! The co-meow-nity! We picked 5 posts that we have been tagged in to feature here, it was hard to pick just 5, we would have shared all if we could!

Let's check out 5 wonderful fan photos from our beloved co-meow-nity!
This wonderful post by @abc_hsiao would have taken a long time to make! Baking a po lo bun and digitally doodling on it to make it look like Po Lo Meow made us all go "awww"! This is such a cute, and creative post!
In this next post by @cy_wong824, Liu Sha Meow is taking things slow with a nice cup of tea. He recommends unwinding and taking a bite out of Liu Sha Meow for that perfect leisurely afternoon, but we don't think Liu Sha Meow would like that too much! Heh.
Liu Sha Meow makes another appearance! This time with @squishy_moshy's cat. Looks like Liu Sha Meow is kitty approved! Can you spot Har Meow staring intently at the kitty?
Capturing the magnificent beauty of Crystal Har Meow, this shot by @yylau.jpg is an absolute winner! Crystal Har Meow is one of the rare Nyan Sums in the collection, count yourself lucky if you get her!
Check out this incredible shot by @absolutemono of the ultra rare Siu Meow Kittens! Wonderfully framed, and accentuated by a streak of light, the cheekiest bunch of the Nyan Sums are thrilled to look so good.


It makes so happy to see how much you guys love the Nyan Sums, keep tagging us in your pictures and we just might repost yours! Thinking if you should get more Nyan Sums? The golden ticket to claim the one-and-only Golden Liu Sha Meow still hasn't been found!

To claim the shiniest chonky boy ever, you need to find the Golden Ticket which has been randomly packed into ONE Nyan Sum blindbox. More information about how to win the Golden Liu Sha Meow can be found HERE.

Get yourself a Nyan Sum and you just might be the lucky one to find that Golden Ticket! Order the Nyan Sums HERE.