28 FEB 2020

The Many Colours of A Wood Awakening



The little puppet that could! We know you love A Wood Awakening, and in this week's weekend read we take a stroll down memory lane to revisit every A Wood Awakening that has been released.

Check off the list, do you have them all?

The Original

The one and only original A Wood Awakening! The little guy (and his little guy) started a worldwide obsession, A Wood Awakening was such a big hit even we weren't prepared for it's reception.

His blue button up shirt and red shorts have become almost iconic, and even looks pretty modest. That is until you realise his red shorts pack a mean long package! 

With his mouth agape, this wooden puppet's expression matched our own when the first sample reached our office! Like all of you, we fell in head over heels for this guy. Almost immediately, some of us in the office played a game to guess how big his awakened wood is (don't @ us oops).

The original A Wood Awakening was also released in a special edition Supersized figure, blowing the proportions of the little guy up by almost 2 times! You know what they say, the bigger the better *wink*

Love Edition

Released for Valentine's Day, the A Wood Awakening (Love Edition) is all about spreading love! Decked from head to toe in different shades of pink, the little fella is all about spreading love everywhere!

Check out that little heart on his shirt pocket - his intentions are pure.

A Wood Awakening (Love Edition) made for the perfect sweet-but-also-naughty Valentine's Day gift for your special someone. Did he/she blush like A Wood Awakening when they saw it? 

Get Classic

Inspiration meet sleeve.

The last A Wood Awakening was the Classic edition, which made its debut at BTS2019 before becoming available online as our Black Friday special release. Decked out in instantly recognisable colours and pulling on some nostalgia strings, the A Wood Awakening (Classic Edition) is for those who want to put a cheeky spin on their childhood.

Going Black

One-of-a-kind in a special matte black finish, this A Wood Awakening (Black Friday Edition) is the only piece in the world!

This special piece is not for sale. Part of our Black Friday 2019 lucky draw, every customer who spent a minimum of $250 was entered in a this special draw. One very lucky collector was chosen to add this special piece to his collection.

A special A Wood Awakening (Black Friday Edition) keychain was also given out to all eligible orders during the Black Friday 2019 weekend. This guy's still in production and will be with you real soon!


Joining the bray, oops we mean fray!

This week, A Wood Awakening returns in a new form! No, his sizeable package hasn't disappeared, not his little button nose, but something's different. He now has donkey ears and a tail!

This is what happens kids when you get into mischief. Will this wooden puppet be able to get out of this predicament he finds himself in? Or will he be forever stuck in a weird hybrid of human-puppet-donkey?

We can't say for sure but what we do know is that A Wood Awakening (Donkey Edition) will be available on Saturday, 29 Feb at 9am ET! Don't just hee and haw, remember to bring him home.