11 JUL 2019

The making of Hambuddha Celadon


Hambuddha, the beloved deity on a fast food diet, is back for a visit! This week, Hambuddha Celadon edition makes his grand entrance. In a glossy blue-green finishing inspired by celadon stoneware, we must say that Hambuddha Celadon has an ethereal and understated beauty that is quite unique. Compared to the boldly colored Hambuddha OG and the grand Hambuddha Buddcafe, Celadon is classy and minimal.

But bring minimal doesn't mean that this toy was easy to create! In fact, we've made more prototypes and color samples for this one than the other two. Let's take a closer look at its making process.

Celadon is a pottery term used to describe stoneware finished with a pale, greyish green glaze. Due to the iron content in the glaze, brown coloration tend to appear on celadon pottery pieces. So, for our first colored sample, we tried to achieve this browning effect all over Hambuddha. But as it turns out, it's a little embarrassing because we didn't like it at all. 

Occasionally, a colorway may look nice in concept art and 3D render but not when we paint it, therefore, we tried something else...
hambuddha celadon tikka from east wip
In our second attempt, we lightly brushed white on a pale blue green. The effect is much more subtle in comparison. However, we wanted to experiment with more ways of applying the white. Celadon stoneware often has tiny cracks, which we want to imitate with paint, but our second attempt looked a bit... fuzzy? So we tried other painting methods.

Now that we got the colors right, we tried a couple of other painting methods. The image on the left shows a paint dripping method. It looked pretty alright, however we didn't like the obvious droplets of paint that shows up in the grooves. On the right, we used a darker base colour so that we can see the strokes better while we experimented. Other than the color, this was very close to the effect we wanted, so we replicated it on the pale blue and applied a glossy finishing. And there we have it, a celadon effect on a vinyl figurine!

hambuddha celadon final
 The final effect on Hambuddha Celadon is a pale blue-green with white "highlight" on the higher points of the sculpture. The gloss finishing really gels the colors together subtly, and closely mimics the transparent glaze effect of celadon stoneware. We were happy with how it looked and we just had to celebrate with... burgers and fries!!! 


Join us for our little luncheon with Hambuddha and you might stand to win a Hambuddha Celadon! Simply head to our YouTube channel and answer a simple question in the video description before 12 July.

Hambuddha Celadon Edition by Tik Ka From East is an 8" vinyl art figure that will be available for purchase this Saturday, 13 July, at 9am ET. In stock and ready to ship, be sure to grab this gorgeous piece!

hambuddha celadon by tik ka from east release timing