24 NOV 2021

The Knight (Hell Chamber) by Rob Bowyer: The New Incense Chamber



This Black Friday weekend, an otherworldly figure comes to life. Rob Bowyer returns to Mighty Jaxx on 27 November with The Knight (Hell Chamber), continuing our line of porcelain-based incense chamber collectibles.

Bowyer’s macabre illustrations feature a unique mix of colors that blend together to create a body of work that’s both otherworldly and some would also say eerie. In our artist interview, he describes most of his characters as “in a sort of limbo and wander a deserted wasteland looking for purpose and connection”. Read our artist interview with Bowyer here.

Rob Bowyer Knight Artwork
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Never one to shy away from dark themes like death, the world his works live in lend themselves to be perfectly translated as incense chambers. As smoke wafts out of each figure, it recreates the otherworldly mood that has drawn us and many others to Bowyer’s work.

The Knight (Hell Chamber) by Rob Bowyer Feature Image 1 The Knight (Hell Chamber) by Rob Bowyer Feature Image 2 The Knight (Hell Chamber) by Rob Bowyer Feature Image 3 

The Knight (Hell Chamber) comes with a removable base for easy cleaning. Using the incense chamber is a simple 4 step process, click here to find out how.

The Knight (Hell Chamber) Release Banner

The Knight (Hell Chamber) by Rob Bowyer drops on 27 November, 9 am ET. Subscribe below and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get firsthand updates on all our exciting new releases.