22 MAY 2020

The Funniest Bob Belcher Moments From Bob's Burgers



Do you watch Bob's Burgers? The animated sitcom from Fox is the gift that keeps giving! Immortalised in a variety of GIFs and memes, the show is one of the few that has really permeated pop culture in ways few have.

With a movie on the horizon and having just wrapped its 10th season, the hit show follows the Belcher family and their life owning a burger restaurant, struggling to keep afloat.

Back in 2018, we released the XXRAY Plus Bob Belcher (NYCC Exclusive) with FYE, pictured above. We've been getting a lot of enquiries on how you can get one and this year we've decided to bring Bob Belcher back! Keep on to find out more, plus a little surprise awaits at the end of the blogpost.

In anticipation of the upcoming version of the XXRAY Plus Bob Belcher, we decided to take a look at some of the funniest moments the show has given us through the years.


Teddy is a frequent patron of Bob's Burgers. In this clip, it is revealed that Teddy thought Bob's last name is Burger. The way the characters react to this revelation makes it way funnier in the whole context of their history. The way Teddy said "but the sign?" had has laughing our heads off!

This also was a thing here in the Mighty Jaxx office. More than a few people thought Bob's name was Bob Burgers. It's Bob Belcher!


We all have gone through the awkwardness of meeting someone new. Things get even more awkward when you're being hit on, and as Bob experienced, even more awkward when intentions are misconstrued. It's hilarious how Bob just takes the hits on his sloppiness, and his reactions perfectly encapsulate the awkward nature of such an encounter.

This dialogue driven approach to humour without an emphasis on insults is a staple of Bob's Burgers and makes it one of the best comedies around. The jokes land better and feel way more genuine. Also, can we not ignore the deli guy calling Bob a "daddy".


 Bob's Burger is literally all about the Belcher family. The bond these characters have is something truly unique and watching their interactions is often the highlight of the show - and it is most of the show! In this clip, Gene dresses up as Bob and does a pretty much perfect impersonation of his father. Bob's clearly a bit disconcerted by it but the whole family loves it! And we love it too!


On 27 May, Mighty Jaxx will be releasing the XXRAY Plus Bob Belcher (Kales from the Crypt)! Inspired by the "Burger of the Day" board from the show, the new dissected art figure puts a zombie twist on our favourite cartoon dad! Check out these feature images of the upcoming figure:

Bob Belcher really went all the way for this zombie themed get up! Be sure to keep tabs on our social media for more information.


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