4 NOV 2022

The Curious Case of Shrek x Kiddo



Shrek and the gang rewind the clock, back to their days of youth! Shrek x Kiddo reimagines our friends from The Kingdom of Far Far Away as preschoolers, ready to perform their graduation play.

What is the Kiddo series?

It’s Mighty Jaxx’s newest series where we take beloved characters from fiction and turn them back into their younger selves! We’ve also turned something that is very close to their hearts into a reference, to accompany them as they de-age.

For Shrek x Kiddo, the cast is preparing to graduate from preschool, and they have one last assignment—perform a play for everyone to enjoy! Here are their roles.

Shrek: The Hero

The ogre himself, Kid Shrek, is the star of the show! Tasked with the role of the hero, his mission is to rescue the princess from a fearsome dragon. Seated on his hat is his best bud, Donkey, in doll form!

Donkey: The Ride-or-Die

Speaking of Donkey, Shrek immediately bumps into him at the start of his quest and of course his iconic teeth remain! Recruiting him immediately, the two set off from town to search for the princess. 

Puss-in-boots: The Fighter

In a nearby town, the pair encounter a curious cat wielding a… ruler! A melodramatic kitty, Puss-in-Boots is brave, loyal, and has nailed his puppy eyes to a tee.

Though they get off on the wrong foot due to a misunderstanding, they eventually make peace and continue the journey together!

Gingerbread: The Comic Relief

On the forested path, the group bumps into a small little pastry running away from something unknown. They work together to help him escape and eventually become friends! 

Gingy loves cracking jokes and never fails to lift the group’s spirits. However, he can be kind of a scaredy cat, especially when facing the unknown! The group eventually discovers why—it’s related to the bandage on his leg.

Fiona: The Princess

Finally, the group arrives at the entrance of the dragon’s lair. What dangers await them? A step in and they immediately spot the princess’ crown-inspired hat. But, it appears she doesn’t need rescuing? Turns out, Fiona had just wanted to escape from the strictness of the castle!

Dragon: The Villain?

Dragon was the one keeping her safe and giving her shelter all along. She invites the gang in for a party and they all have fun together, happily ever after. The curtains close as the infectious sounds of “I’m a Believer” by Smash Mouth play, accompanied by applause from the crowd!

Shrek Stage Play: The Ultra Rare

Side story, the group ran into some trouble during their quest. Shrek, being the muddy Ogre he is dove into a pile of it and had to act as a tree. This scene left the crowd in stitches and was voted one of the best moments in the play!

Shrek x Kiddo is just around the corner! Join your favorite characters as they go back in time and relive their childhood days!

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