23 NOV 2022

The Cultural Legacy of Medusa



Clad in black, Inked Stories: Medusa ft JPK returns to Mighty Jaxx in a Mono Edition! This monochrome colorway departs from the colorful rendition of the original piece and takes her back to her roots—tattoo art where colors are less common. 

Crafted from a premium polystone material, details such as her hair of snakes, alluring gaze, and tattoos that reveal her tale are intricately sculpted. Multiple monochromatic colors are used to create textures and bring the piece to life—for example, her hair comes in two shades of gray to create contrast and add more visual layers to the design.

The tale of Medusa has been around for centuries, heavily influencing our culture. Explore some of the interesting areas it has left its impact on society in this blog.


The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud himself, has posthumously published an essay titled “Medusa’s Head”. Although it is seen as outdated today, it is nonetheless an interesting read.

In this very short psychological interpretation of the symbolism in Medusa’s myth, Freud equates the decapitation of Medusa’s head with castration. He postulates that the terror of Medusa is a reflection of the castration complex in younger males—the unconscious, innate fear of being deprived of one’s phallus. 

Feminist Symbology

In recent times, Medusa has been rising in popularity as a feminist icon, especially in the West. One of the critiques against many existing interpretations of the myth is that they place the male characters at the center of the story, relegating her to a secondary role.

During the 20th century, as the feminist movement started gaining steam, Medusa was reclaimed as their own—the face of feminist rage. Today, she is often used to represent women's empowerment.

Artistic Inspiration

Medusa’s tale is intriguing, serving as a source of inspiration for artists across time. From terracottas to paintings to sculptures, the story contains many elements of intense emotions—fear, sadness, melancholy–as well as historic significance, which has made it an ideal stimulus for creativity.

Inked Stories: Medusa (Mono Edition) ft JPK is one of the few interpretations of Medusa that includes her full body—not just her head. This approach brings the focus back on her, rather than her face as a tool. The tattoos that cover her, serve as a recap of her lore—open for various interpretations.

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