12 OCT 2022

The Art of Depth: Breakout (Spectre Edition) by Matt Bailey



The second colorway of Breakout by Matt Bailey is here: introducing the Spectre Edition. This piece is not simply a color swap—instead, it deploys a different set of techniques to create depth and tell its emotional story.

The sculpt is a timelessly elegant piece, crafted from premium polystone material. It is said that two lovers shall become one flesh—what happens when it comes to an end? This piece portrays the excruciating pain the end of a relationship brings, the emotional equivalent of flesh ripping away from bones as you lose a part of yourself.

This edition tells the story of the pain of love lost by deploying a different set of techniques from the original. Here’s a closer look at how it combines them to create depth to the sculpt in an unconventional way.

Color and Transparency

Color is a key element of art—and is a surefire way to add depth to any piece. It is also a great storytelling tool; for example, the original Breakout by Matt Bailey is painted in black and white as a homage to the artist’s roots in the tattoo scene.

Yet, the absence of color is also powerful in its own right. The Spectre Edition leverages a single black color scheme to highlight its other details. One of these details is the translucent resin to craft the figure’s skeleton. The varying opacity of the skin and bones serves to amplify the pain of separation felt by the lover from a visual perspective

Focusing on Form 

Throughout history, the power of the female form has been heavily portrayed and celebrated in art. The single color of the sculpt also serves to accentuate the lover’s silhouette. Notice how each contour, each feature is clearly outlined. Capturing the lover in a vulnerable moment, her beauty is contrasted with her posture which conveys a sense of longing, desire, and pain.

Mixing Materials and Textures

Three-dimensional art collectibles give artists a unique medium to explore different materials and textures to achieve their desired aesthetic. The Spectre Edition takes advantage of the translucent nature of resin, as mentioned earlier, to create more depth to the piece.

The rest of the sculpt is made from a premium polystone material, in two different textures. The woman’s main body is glossy–capturing the pure, fragile state of the moment. The other components, such as her hair, have a matte finish to create more room for detailing and bring the whole piece to life.

The end of a beloved relationship is very relatable and never easy. Experience the emotional depth of a lover going through this stage in this detailed, eye-catching piece.

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