15 MAR 2022

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This week, tattoo artist Matt Bailey returns with the release of Breakout, a surreal 8” polystone phygital collectible. We sure do love tattoo art here at Mighty Jaxx and have worked with a number of tattoo artists to bring their unique works to life as collectibles, take a look at some of them below!

Keep Me In Your Heart by Matt Bailey

Take a little throwback to Matt Bailey’s first collectible with us - Keep Me In Your Heart. This iconic piece captures a skeletal form hovering over a lady, lighting her cigarette, while her being resides within his ribcage. It is a moment of quiet intimacy, she is his heart and he’ll keep her there forever.

Keep Me In Your Heart by Matt Bailey

We previously took a look at some of Matt Bailey's artworks featuring his signature female forms and skeletal figure, how we interpret them and why we love them so much. Check it out here.

Party Bot: Spaced Out by Laura Marie

Laura Marie is the champion of season 12 of the tattoo contest series "Ink Master", an artist, an avid gamer, and the creator of the adorable Party Bot! The vibrant new-school style of Party Bot: Spaced Out brought a breath of fresh air to our collection of phygital toys. We even had the opportunity to sit down with her for a lovely little chat, check it out:

Originally designed to be the front of a custom birthday card for her niece, she expanded Party Bot’s story and showcased the design on episode 12 of Ink Master. Positive reactions flooded in and 3 years after her first illustration of Party Bot, we worked together to bring it to life. 

Inked Stories: Eve featuring JPK

Inked Stories is a series of collectibles designed by Mighty Jaxx and in collaboration with the top artists in the world to reimagine the most recognizable tales. The first of the series is Inked Stories: Eve featuring JPK.

Inked Stories: Eve featuring JPK

Designed to reimagine the stories of Eden, the blank sculpt figuratively tells the story of the Fall of Man. Eve takes a bite into the forbidden fruit with a serpent wrapped around her and whispering deceit. JPK then decorated the piece in a traditional tattoo art style with apple blossom flowers, fig trees, and maple leaves, all relevant to the various stories from the Garden of Eden. Be sure to check out our interview with JPK below:

Syndicats: Purrface

SyndiCats is a series of Mighty Jaxx designs that reimagines our favorite cuddly felines as members of an underground crime syndicate. Having had so much fun working on tattoo-based artworks like the ones you’ve seen above, the team wanted to try their hand at creating their own and Sydnicats: Purrface was born!


Inspired by film noir imagery, Syndicats: Purrface features classic gangster paraphernalia like the tommy gun, trench coat, and fedora. On top of typical mobster-like tattoos, you’ll find badass ink of kitty antics on Purrface’s body - a nod to the nature of cats. From fish bones to the yarn balls they like to kick around, and even a hearty bottle of milk. 

Read more about how we conceptualized Syndicats: Purrface here.

Breakout by Matt Bailey

Which brings us to this week’s release, the incredible Breakout by Matt Bailey. Having made a name for himself with dark, humorous, and sometimes controversial illustration style, Breakout keeps the iconic elements of his works while seemingly taking a step back from the theme of lust that is pervasive in his works. 

Breakout by Matt Bailey Breakout by Matt Bailey Breakout by Matt Bailey

A metaphor for her state when her lover leaves, capturing the agony, the ache, and the torment of feeling a part of yourself torn away. Torn skin and melting flesh reveal the emptiness within her, a black goo that fills the void of her being. Crafted from premium polystone and finished in a beautiful gloss, contrasted with matte details. Breakout by Matt Bailey is a timeless work of art.

Breakout by Matt Bailey - 3D Printed Prototype Breakout by Matt Bailey - 3D Printed Prototype
3D printed prototype of Breakout by Matt Bailey

Breakout by Matt Bailey drops on 19 March, 9 am ET. Get the one-of-a-kind piece for $269 with free shipping worldwide. Click here to set your reminders so you don’t miss out.

Breakout by Matt Bailey

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Breakout by Matt Bailey

Matt Bailey

Breakout by Matt Bailey

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