29 SEP 2022

Step into the Whimsical World of Goodmorning Town



Highly sought-after Seoul-based tattoo artist Goodmorning Princess joins the fun at Mighty Jaxx! Growing a strong following through Instagram, he is best known for his cute, minimal critters that find their home in the quirky imaginary world of Goodmorning Town.

Chief Cottontail is the first critter in the new artist series to drop on Mighty Jaxx. The piece has been carefully sculpted to maintain the same light-heartedness and minimalism of the doodle, while ensuring it’s an adorable piece that will fit on any shelf!

The birth of Goodmorning Town

From the creative mind of Goodmorning Princess comes Goodmorning Town: A parallel world, home to all his creations! Traditional laws of physics and biology don’t apply there; quirkiness, imagination, and creativity run free.

Full of peace and love, the minimal critters that fill this world come in all shapes and sizes—from food-inspired creatures to blobby imaginary animals!


His formula: Humor + Cuteness

Goodmorning Princess believes in the universal power of cuteness! His creations are often chubby in nature—he adores the squishy, fluffy feel they bring.

Yet, it isn’t simply the cuteness that makes his creations unique. He often injects his unique sense of humor into them: a quirky blend of crude wholesomeness!

[SOURCE: https://www.instagram.com/p/CWrxzjVBVMJ/]

Everyone gets a critter!

The inhabitants of Goodmorning Town are more than standalone creatures! Every time Goodmorning Princess does a tattoo, he sees it as giving his customers a soulmate.

The inspiration for his designs comes from everyday life. Photos, lived experiences, conversations with customers, anything that sparks his imagination will be penned down in his trusty notebook.


The doodle world of Goodmorning Town comes to life, here at Mighty Jaxx! Cop the adorable Chief Cottontail, the first collectible in this new artist series, dropping on 1 OCT (SAT), 9PM SGT/ 9AM ET.


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