29 JUL 2020

Step Back In Time With Bert & Ernie



We're back in time in Sesame Street with the release of the XXRAY Plus: Bert and Ernie (Retro Edition)!

Inspired by retro aesthetics, the XXRAY Plus: Bert & Ernie (Retro Edition) feature a more muted colour palette compared to the originals. This is reminiscent of photographs from the 80s which often look a little washed out.

Translating that effect is not merely a desaturation job, our designers took great care to ensure the colours still turned out vibrant enough - while keeping to its inspirations.

More than just the colourway, the assets we've created for this release take us back in time! Featuring locales like a record store and ice cream parlour, keep tabs on our social media as Bert and Ernie travel through these iconic locations.


Both Bert and Ernie feature Jason Freeny's iconic dissection style. Ernie holds in his hand his favourite rubber ducky - which also is dissected! Who knew there would be a skeletal system in there too?!

The figure also captures Ernie's wide grin, you can almost hear his laugh just by looking at the toy.

Tall and lanky Bert is the opposite of Ernie's more rotound shape. The XXRAY Plus Bert (Retro Edition) stands at 9" tall while the XXRAY Plus Ernie (Retro Edition) comes in at 8.5" tall. Both dissected art figures are made from vinyl and PVC.

Bert and Ernie share a very special bond. Their friendship is as deep as the oceans and you just know they genuinely care for each other. Despite their different personalities, Bert and Ernie always show us what the value and power of friendship is. Just check out this clip to see what we mean!

While you can choose to purchase the XXRAY Plus: Bert and Ernie (Retro Edition) as separate figures, don't split them up! Bert and Ernie are meant to be together! Also, ordering both the XXRAY Plus: Bert and Ernie (Retro Edition) as a set gives you a little discount *wink*

Here's a little fun fact for you!

Bert is a Hand-Rod Muppet, a puppet which is controlled by both the puppeteer's  hands. Ernie is a Live-hand Muppet, where the puppeteer operates the head with one hand, and disguises his other hand as Ernie's arm!

The XXRAY Plus: Bert & Ernie (Retro Edition) will be available for order on 29 July from 9am EST.

$139 for an individual figure, or $269 for both! The XXRAY Plus: Bert & Ernie (Retro Edition) come with free shipping.

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