27 MAY 2020

Stay Home Activities with A Wood Awakening



Feeling the cabin fever set in from all these weeks of staying home? A Wood Awakening has some activities you could do as you spend time at home. Read on and find out what he recommends to beat those stay home blues!

Have a hearty breakfast! With all the time we save from not commuting, how about using it to make a nice big breakfast? Kick start your day with a nice bowl of cereal, some eggs and bacon, and maybe try your hand at making some avocado toast! Head online to learn some coffee making tips if you are so inclined. Nothing beats the blues like a delicious plate of food!

Staying home unfortunately doesn't mean no work. Feeling the pressure pile on and finding it hard to segment your days? Try setting calendar reminders to clock out from work and where possible, ignore any non-urgent work messages that come in after. Indulge in some aroma therapy and have nice warm cup of hot chocolate to relax. Kick back with a good book and let the warmth calm you down!

Take care of some plants! Fight off isolation blues by putting energy into caring for some plants. Order some online and watch your space liven up with these green beauties. Caring for plants can be a very therapeutic experience, one that will most probably stave off the downer days.

Have a virtual meet up! Just because you can't head out with your friends, doesn't mean you can't hangout at all. Have movie nights, game nights, or just chat into the wee hours online. Social distancing might mean we're apart but with technology, we're always connected! Now, how about an online game of Pictionary?

A Wood Awakening (Stay Home Edition) will be available for order on 30 May at 9am EST. Every order comes with a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and face mask, featuring a specially designed A Wood Awakening artwork.

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