5 JAN 2023




***WARNING*** Unauthorized access to this file will result in disciplinary action taken by the Mighty Jaxx Foundation. 

CODENAME: Project PHOENIX [Phase 1]


DESCRIPTION: The events outlined in this brief expound on the cataclysmic-level threats currently faced by the entirety of the MightyVerse, and the current efforts being taken to resolve them. 


001.1: From Death 
The MightyVerse has rapidly destabilized in the past year, with rifts in the space-time continuum appearing erratically. These cracks have varying properties, some serving as wormholes and others completely ripping apart the fabric of space itself in a self-contained area. 

Both the reason(s) behind this deterioration, as well as future ramifications remain unknown as of today. However, these rifts have been spreading and could result in the end of the MightyVerse as we know it.

002.1: Comes Life
The Mighty Jaxx Foundation, set up to oversee universe-level issues, has been mobilized to resolve this issue. Preliminary investigations have determined that a science-focused, research-based task force be formed to ascertain the best course of action. Thus, the Mighty Labs was born.

The Mighty Labs facility was opened for a public tour at the Culture Cartel earlier this month. Key inventions were up for display including S/N 001 (“PAINTBRUSH”) and S/N 032 (“DISSECTOR”). 

▲ APPENDIX 002.1: The Mighty Labs Facility

002.2: CHXMP 
Outstanding known individuals across the MightyVerse have been interviewed to assume the title, Head of the Mighty Labs. After extensive background research and cross-examinations, the choice was clear: CHXMP (EID: 2789) would be the first leader of this task force. 

Although he has his quirks, his brilliance all but makes up for it. One of the smartest, most capable geniuses of today, he has distinguished himself with his ability to quickly digest information as well as his strong knowledge in multiple scientific fields, making him a clear choice. 

▲ APPENDIX 002.2: CHXMP’S Employee Photo

002.3: What Lies in The Backroom
***ALERT*** The following document is classified as “TOP SECRET” and can only be accessed by those with the necessary clearance. For any queries regarding its contents, please contact the Information Department at 00-0000-0000.

The Mighty Labs has an established process to sanction each experiment, which has led to certain proposals being rejected. CHXMP has set up a secondary, hidden lab facility within the backroom to conduct these unauthorized experiments. 

With a powerful security system and the use of camouflage technologies, he has managed to keep this a secret from all but his most trusted employees. 

▲ APPENDIX 002.3: Sneak Peek at The Backroom

003.1: The State of the MightyVerse
In recent months, the spread of the rifts has slowed considerably. A few major cracks have been investigated thoroughly by the Mighty Labs team, particularly those in close proximity to the facility. 

003.2: Warpin’ Time
Those that have been successfully identified as wormholes are currently utilized as an instant transportation service across large areas of space. During the Singapore Comic Con, CHXMP and his team at the Mighty Labs brought a first-of-its-kind inter-world experience for the public to life.

It was a roaring success and the team proved the viability of intergalactic travel through the use of these wormholes, opening up new possibilities for future exploration and improving the interconnectedness throughout the MightyVerse.

▲ APPENDIX 003.2: Intergalactic Travel through the MightyVerse

004.1: To Infinity and Beyond
CHXMP and the Mighty Labs have formed three key priorities en route to resolving the threat of universal destruction. The team has summarized their strategy into the “3Es Program'', outlined in the following sections.

004.2: Exploration
The MightyVerse is vast and the majority remains unexplored. The key to stabilizing the space-time continuum may lie in one of these undiscovered territories. Furthermore, promising talents throughout the MightyVerse can be recruited to the cause, raising the odds of success.

004.3: Eradication
Should the team encounter space-time cracks on their travels, efforts should be made to eradicate them. These encounters are the perfect opportunity to measure and study the space-time issue in greater detail.

***NOTE*** Ample safeguards should be enforced on each eradication attempt to ensure the team remains unharmed. 

004.4: Experimentation
The space-time issues are ultimately a problem of science and the physical reality of the world. By gaining a deeper understanding of the principles that form the foundation of the MightyVerse, the Mighty Labs will be one step closer to resolving them.

Furthermore, experimentation can lead to innovations that will be useful in streamlining and creating efficiencies in future expeditions throughout the MightyVerse.

Project PHOENIX ends Phase 1 on a promising note. More details on Phase 2 will be rolled out in the coming days after the committee approves the approach proposed by CHXMP.


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