21 JUL 2021

Reimagine Iconic Tales With Inked Stories



This week, Mighty Jaxx introduces Inked Stories. A brand new series of collectibles designed in-house and collaborating with the top artists in the world to reimagine the most recognizable tales.

Reimagining Iconic Tales

Some stories transcend time and culture. Passed on from generation to generation, tales from the Brothers Grimm, Greek mythology, and even biblical stories are known everywhere. Each has been interpreted in a multitude of ways from films to songs to books.

Inked Stories Title

Pulling inspiration from these various tales, Mighty Jaxx creates a blank sculpt to figuratively tell the tale. You’ll find iconic elements of each chosen character - from the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden, to Medusa’s unmistakable head of snakes, and the lush beauty of Gaia. Each sculpt is then customed with a chosen artist’s interpretation of the tale. Every release is unique, marrying sculpt, artistry, and story together in a single collectible.

Inked Stories Concept Work

The first of the series?

Inked Stories: Eve featuring JPK

Using a blank sculpt created by Mighty Jaxx, we invited JPK to custom the piece in his iconic style. Together, both the sculpt and her full body tattoos tell the biblical story of The Fall of Man.

Crafted out of premium polystone, Inked Stories: Eve featuring JPK is decorated in a traditional tattoo art style including apple blossom flowers, fig trees, and maple leaves, relevant to the various stories from the Garden of Eden.

Inked Stories: Eve Evolution

Be sure to watch our interview with JPK below, where he shares the collaborative process of working with Mighty Jaxx on the tattooed figurine.

Inked Stories: Eve featuring JPK will be available for 24 hours only on 24 July, 9 am EST only on mightyjaxx.com.

5 random buyers will get their piece signed by JPK. Plus - VIPs earn double Mighty Coins with their order!

Inked Stories: Eve featuring JPK Release Banner

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Inked Stories: Eve Featuring JPK

Jon Paul Kaiser

Inked Stories: Eve Featuring JPK

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