30 NOV 2022

Pets from The Upside Down—Stranger Things x Mighty Jaxx: Demopets



Creatures from the Upside Down have crossed dimensions and it’s up to you to tame them. Enter the fray and find your new best friends with Stranger Things x Mighty Jaxx: Demopets! With six specimens and the rare Eleven up for grabs, they’ll make a perfect desktop companion. 

Ready to get yourself a Demopet? We’ve rated their tamability to help you be better prepared.


The Monster with the power of interdimensional travel, this creature was one of the first introduced in the Stranger Things series. It is stronger and more powerful than the other specimens, and is generally violently hostile by nature. Its favorite treat is theorized to be blood, able to easily detect even the smallest amount through dimensions.

Tamability Rating: 2/5 | Wild and powerful, this Demopet is definitely not one for the inexperienced.


Flying predators, these creatures are part of the hive mind controlled by Vecna. Eyeless, with sharp teeth lining their jaw, they have a similar appearance with Demogorgons. Apart from their teeth, they use their vine-like tail to lash out at their prey.

Tamability Rating: 1/5 | Their ability to fly and the extra threat of a powerful tail whip make them more difficult to manage than Demogorgons.

Mind Flayer

A mysterious creature made up of particles, the Mind Flayer is massive with a spider-like appearance. It is also capable of linking other demopets together, forming a hive mind. Extremely intelligent, it has a big weakness—poor tolerance to fire. 

Tamability Rating: 3/5 | The weakness of fire makes it easier to tame compared to the previous two species. Just remember to keep your wits about you.

Demodog In Training

The size of a large dog, Demodogs are able to take down a grown human with their pounce. They enjoy digging tunnels as well as climbing objects—the steeper the better. Additionally, they have a thick skin that, while not fully bulletproof, is capable of resisting several gunshots. Watch out for their huge maw that is capable of dishing out some serious damage. 

Tamability Rating: 3/5 | The manageable size makes it and relatively lower strength levels make them easier to train.


These are fully trained Demodogs. They understand and will listen to basic commands—sit, paw, roll, to name a few. Just remember to take them out for regular walks and let them exercise their legs by digging tunnels, under supervision of course. 

Tamability Rating: 4/5 | Perfect for new Demopet owners looking for their new best friend. 


Also known as D'Artagnan, this cute little pollywog is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. They are extremely sensitive to heat—even direct exposure to a table lamp will cause discomfort, so it’s best to keep them in the dark. They also have a voracious appetite so remember to always have some snacks on hand.

Tamability Rating: 5/5 | Small, adorable, and incapable of causing serious harm, these tiny cuties make the perfect household pet. 


The chaser in this collection—Eleven. She is a powerful psychic and one of the few alive that are able to control the Demopets, especially when it comes to the less tamable ones. Dressed up in her iconic Hawkins National Laboratory uniform, she’s ready to use her telekinetic powers to protect!

The Demopets are released and we need your help to find them a home! Save the world and find a great companion while you’re at it. You can also complete your collection with the fearsome Vecna.

~3.5” Vinyl Blind Box
Tray of 6, 7 Different Variations
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