19 APR 2018

Peer into Baby Rabbit's World


A curious baby, the brainchild of Thai graffiti artist Alex Face, is a familiar face on many streets in Thailand and Southeast Asia. This lovable little boy, often clad in fluffy animal costumes, can be found doing all sorts of things – from cleaning up the beach to meditating to more 'adult' activities like smoking. But this undoubtedly adorable figure questions bigger things in life.

Photo credit: Alex Face

The character's name is Mardi, which in Thai means "To come with good things", and his creation was inspired by the daughter of Alex Face himself. In an interview, Alex described, “The first time I saw her she looked angry or worried”. It made him think about why she looked like that and caused him to reflect on the life she had ahead. “I thought are you not happy to be my daughter? Are you not happy to be in the world?”. These are hard-hitting questions for not only the artist, then a restless young father with an uncertain future, but also for every one of us. Perhaps Mardi helps us peer a little deeper into our own souls to find the truth that we all seek in our hearts.

Photo credit: Alex Face

Street art has been created as a medium of self-expression, allowing the voice of the unheard to echo through streets and alleys in larger than life works of art. Since the days where genres and art movements have merged into a convoluted blur, street art and graffiti is arguably a whole new art movement that emerged from the 20th century world of art. 

As for Alex, he considers himself as an artist with a social conscience. He had used his art as a form of attraction to invite visitors to old markets that had lost their popularity to shopping malls, bringing a breath of new life and hope for places with forgotten heritage and culture. Despite good intentions, the artist had to remove his art off historical buildings in Phuket due to critics complaining about modern art defacing historical heritage. However, the artist maintains positive with an opened heart, stating that street art is by nature ephemeral and this is something that every street artist is prepared to face.

While we had to say bye to the Mardi on those walls, now we can keep a little piece of Mardi with us!

Our collaboration with Alex Face brings you Baby Rabbit, a version of Mardi holding a tiny baby rabbit as an offer of peace and truce, while concealing his inner anger and unhappiness.

Baby Rabbit by Alex Face releases on 21 Apr, Saturday (20 Apr, Friday for VIPs) at 10pm (SGP) 10am (NYC) 2pm (LDN) and ships free worldwide, only on www.mightyjaxx.com 
Shipping in late June 2018.